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  • Driveway and Patio Cleaning Services Dublin

    Using our industrial steam and pressure cleaning equipment, suction and pressure hoses, we can undertake a variety of heavy duty tasks, including pressure washing building facades, car parks, shopping arcades, estates, etc.

    • Specialists in External Cleaning using power washing, steam cleaning & jet washing equipment.
    • Cleaning & restoration of stone, masonry, brick, brickwork, concrete, block paving & other hard masonry surfaces.
    • Using high pressure steam / hot / cold water ~ Hard Surface Moss, Mould, Mildew & Green Algae Control
    • Protection Coatings for Masonry  ~ Anti-graffiti paint & weatherproofing coatings.
  • Expert Pressure Washing Dublin

    If you are looking for professional power washing Dublin, Premier Gardens can help you. We have been operating as a pressure washing company for over a decade, and have helped a number of clients to clean the exterior of their house and living space.

    What does power washing do?

    Power washing gets rid of any natural buildup of moss, algae and dirt that can stick to surface areas outside of your home. This allows you to see your home in all of its intended beauty and vibrancy. This maintains the integrity of your home, patio and driveway areas, ensuring that they last as long as possible, with minimal degradation. An expert pressure washing company such as Premier Gardens will utilise a range of tools, hot and cool water, as well as specific detergents in order to have surfaces clean in no time.

    Why should you frequently power wash?

    One of the most important reasons to invest in regular power washing services is for your own safety. If you allow your pathway, driveway or patio to become slick with moss or algae, this could become a major slipping hazard, especially when the ground is wet. It is generally recommended that you pressure wash deck at least once a year, although patio cleaning Dublin may need to occur more frequently due to the general poor weather. Staff at Premier Gardens will be able to give you an expert opinion based on your own personal context.

    Our services

    Our expert staff at Premier Gardens can power wash any hard, outdoor surface. Using a range of tools and products, we are capable of removing even the most stubborn grime, so that your house looks brand new. All of our staff are highly trained and experienced, and know what type of tools and pressure to use on different surfaces, to avoid any damage. We understand that power washing siding on a house, and power washing a driveway are two completely different tasks, that may often require different tools. All of our staff take the time to assess your living space and tailor their work to fit your needs and specific situation. We are fully prepared and capable to meet all of your needs with the appropriate methods and skill set.

    Unlike some other power washing companies, Premier Gardens is dedicated to providing you with services that work to sustain the environment. We use eco-friendly products for all of our work, so you do not need to worry about harsh chemicals wearing down any of your outdoor surfaces. Our environmentally-conscious work focus does not stop us from providing some of the best driveways cleaning Dublin.

    We offer competitive pressure washing prices

    Power washing prices in Dublin can vary among different companies, but more expensive does not always mean better. At Premier Gardens, we offer our clients some of the lowest prices on the market, yet we consistently provide high-quality results. We are more than happy to provide you with a free, non-obligatory quote, if you just fill in the necessary details on our online form, and we will respond swiftly. We base our driveway cleaning prices on your individual garden and needs, and although initially it can take a little longer to sort out, the end result is always worth it.

    We also offer discounts and combos, when two or more of our services are ordered at the same time. If you also require hedge trimming and cutting, fencing, turf laying, garden clearance, lawn mowing, landscaping or general maintenance, let us know! Not only does it help your garden to look even better, but it will save you money!


  • The Benefits of our Pressure Washing Dublin Services

    Our pressure washing Dublin specialists have the knowledge and proficiency to clean up all of your home's tough surface areas. We have actually effectively eliminated dirt, gunk, algae, moss and indications of air contamination from several difficult surface areas. We can clean up all paths, outdoor patios and outside walls. For your benefit, you can schedule power washing in Dublin 7 days a week, and at nights for the very same rate. Plus, there are more advantages you can delight in when scheduling us, consisting of the realities that:

    We look after both your health and the environment, and utilize environmentally friendly cleaning items in all of our work
    Our team will bring along the best devices and cleaning detergents to eliminate spots and contamination indications from your residential or commercial property's difficult surface areas
    We have actually cleaned up driveways, exteriors, outdoor patios, garden actions, garden furnishings, courses, garage interiors and far more!
    Our group is thoroughly trained and extremely experienced in using innovative jet-washing strategies to attain the very best outcomes!

  • Power Washing Dublin Tips

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