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    Professional landscaping services

    If you are searching for landscaping services Dublin, you need to ensure you look for a company that can put together the garden you've been dreaming of. Landscaping services that offer more than just a lawn and some flower beds. You want landscape contractors that can plan out a play area for the little ones or one that can create a fantastic entertainment area with a place to cook, eat, sit and more. How lovely it is to sit outside in the garden when the weather is nice to take in the fresh air and centre yourself again. Nature is a natural stress reliever!

    How about a garden at work where people can lunch or have their coffee? Commercial landscaping can add that element of calm to your business. It also improves the general impression of your offices as well as giving staff a place to relax and de-stress in the middle of the day. In good weather, who wouldn't want to take their lunch break in a lovely, landscaped garden? A beautiful landscaped garden can add value to your home and your business.

    What can we offer?

    When looking at landscaping Dublin, there are many aspects that are taken into account. The first thing is to look at the size of the garden and what you envision. A massive fountain in the middle of a tiny garden won't be as effective as a small water feature in the corner with some lawn and flowerbeds to round it off. Once you have an idea of your perfect garden, these Dublin landscaping contractors can put together the elements to make the dream a reality.

    What elements come in to play?

    There are two aspects of landscaping. Hardscaping is the use of decking, paving, bricks and stones to make up the basic elements in the garden. The second aspect is the softscaping which refers to the grass, plants, trees, flowerpots as well as soil preparation.

    Most landscaping companies focus on the lawn as well as planting flowers, trees and bushes. While this is very important, there are many more aspects that can be included in a landscaping project. Landscape gardeners Dublin will offer real grass (turf) or artificial grass and can plant 1 tree or flowerbed or cover your yard with them.

    What else can you put in your garden?

    Landscapers Dublin can also help build a shed or repair the existing shed in your garden so that it does not become an eyesore. Dublin landscaping contractors such as Premier Gardens can offer repair of your existing fencing or install a new one. Brick or wood or anything in between, your barriers will look fantastic. A deck is a wonderful addition to an outdoor area, Dublin landscaping contractors such can install composite decking or decking made from soft or hardwoods, depending on your preference. Premier Gardens can also offer repairs to existing decking to make them look wonderful again. How about some amazing paving? Create a walkway through your garden or surround your house with some paving stones or resin gravel surfacing. Choose a lovely patio layout to add some flair to your outdoor areas.

    When it comes to commercial landscaping you can look at creating little rest areas with trees, paved areas, and benches where people can have lunch and relax. Improve the environment by encouraging natural plants and trees to create homes for birds and feed the bees. Talk to Premier Gardens for a comprehensive plan for your business that not only helps keep your employees balanced but helps the environment as well! No matter what the outdoor space looks like right now, we can help you create a beautiful space for everyone.

  • Order Truly Comprehensive Landscaping Dublin

    We specialise in both soft and difficult landscaping jobs. If you do not understand what they imply, we will describe it quickly.

    Hardscaping describes tasks that need using heavy products such as wood boards, bricks, stones and more. Paving and decking are both hardscaping.

    Softscaping consists of all tasks that describe planting shrubs, soil preparation, tree services and etc. Outside planting, turfing and flowerpot setup are amongst the services we provide.

    If you desire your concepts to develop into an effective task, then you must have a mix of both. Hardscaping shapes the total appearance of a garden, whereas softscaping offers colour to it.

  • All landscape gardeners perform a wide variety of landscaping services, such as:

    • Lawn laying - no matter if you need real turf or artificial grass
    • Fence installation and repair - wooden or brick - they can install or repair it for you.
    • Decking installation and repair - we can install softwood, hardwood and composite decking. You can benefit not only from the various materials we work with, but from design ideas, too.
    • Planting - would it be a single plant that you want for your garden, or an annual planting scheme, we will give you a hand.
    • Paving - get a newly laid patio or driveway. All landscapers are experienced in laying various types of paving stones and patio designs.
    • Shed installation and repair - we offer assembly services for store-bought sheds, as well as building new sheds from scratch. We can repair all shed parts, too.
    • Resin bound and resin bonded surfaces - we can do both types of resin gravel surfacing, depending on your needs.
  • Commercial Landscaping Services

    Premier Gardens runs a commercial landscape gardening service in the capital. We have substantial experience in supplying business premises take care of organisations and regional councils located in Dublin. We provide a variety of services consisting of style, landscaping and upkeep for a variety of customers varying from little real estate associations, business homes, brand-new real estate advancements and retail websites through to schools and work for regional authorities on public areas, whilst training our apprentices in the sustainable management of gardens and green areas. The scope of work has actually consisted of tough landscaping services and soft landscaping services to keeping greenery in check and the premises in beautiful condition.

    Functions consist of:

    Creating planting strategies that are vibrant and versatile to prospective difficulties including environment and Urban density
    Motivating the advancement of gardens and green areas that do not need extensive upkeep
    Developing areas supportive to regional plants and animals such wild flower meadows and forest borders

  • Hire Landscape Gardeners From Us

    We’ll always put you first. Reserve your appointment today and get:

    • You can arrange a visit from a garden landscaping specialist (upon request) who’ll give you both ideas and advice for FREE. You’ll also receive a finalised estimate afterwards.
    • Round-the-clock access to customer care professionals. You’ll get all your questions answered. And a quickly tailored quote.
    • A personalised service that'll see your dream garden become a reality. The current condition of your outdoor space doesn't matter!
    • Expert hard and soft techniques that'll make your properties value increase. Don’t forget - estate agents love landscaping.
    • Your very own Eden. The hedges, shrubs, and trees we plant will block exterior noises and prevent them from disturbing you.
    • A pleasant environment where you can spend time with your friends and family.

    If our services appeal to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call today! Don’t forget that if you book at least two of our landscaping services you can receive a discount.

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