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  • The Premier Gardens Maintenance Team cares for both residential and commercial gardens across Dublin.

    Maintaining your garden is important to maintaining the value of your property and keeping your kerb appeal. A messy, untidy garden can cause all sorts of problems, not just with the neighbours or the council, but also with pests such as rodents and insects moving in.

    Garden maintenance is much more than just cutting the lawn now and then. Keeping your garden looking great all year round can turn your outdoors into a beautiful area where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air or share with friends when you entertain. Whether you have a large garden or a small garden, you can benefit from regular garden maintenance.

    Finding a reliable company offering garden maintenance Dublin may be quite difficult, especially one that gives you a call every now and then to remind you that your garden needs a little bit of attention. Staying on track with your garden maintenance means that it does not get out of control which is unsightly and can lead to a lot of added expense when it comes time to clear everything away.


    A good garden maintenance company will offer services such as weeding, pruning of shrubs and hedges, mulching, lawn care to keep it in great condition, cleaning off of decking and patios (jet-washing), installation and care of irrigation systems, servicing and maintenance of water features, planting and green wall maintenance. Everything you need done in your garden to keep it looking wonderful and make it a pleasant place to be.

    What should you look for in your garden maintain ace services?

    Experienced people who behave professionally and can offer advice and knowledge. The staff should all be well trained and pleasant to deal with. All companies doing garden maintenance Dublin should be fully insured for any issues so that you as a homeowner are protected as well. Great garden services companies don't allow inclement weather to get them down. Unless it's a full blown cyclone, they can assist in an urgent clean-up so your garden is perfect for the next sunshiny day. Companies offering garden services Dublin should also be able to offer service on weekends and public holidays as well. Even better, they should have 24/7 facilities, so you can get service and make an appointment at any time. Even if you wake up from a nightmare of overgrown weeds, you can make that call to get your garden cleared. How about gutter cleaning or designing a good looking garden? Does your garden maintenance company do that?

    Garden services and more

    Most garden maintenance companies will mow the lawn, trim the hedges and shrubbery and perhaps pull up some weeds. Only the best garden service companies will also help clean your gutters, power wash your walkways, maintain your irrigation and water features as well as assist with fencing, landscaping, turf laying and more! Go from zero garden to Zen garden in a blink of an eye! Go from jungle to manicured lawn overnight! From planning to monthly clean-ups, choose the best in the business. All the staff at Premier Gardens are highly trained professionals. They ensure that your home is not contaminated with grass or other garden debris even if they have to traipse through your home to get to the garden. You are fully covered in the event of any issues by a comprehensive insurance, as unlikely as this may be. Don't be afraid to give Premier Gardens a call to help with your garden layout and planning, landscaping, full garden clearance, and clean-up or regular maintenance of your entire garden. We are available whenever you need us, rain or shine, night or day! Any day of the week!

  • The Top Six Reasons to Hire Our Garden Maintenance Services in Dublin

    The people that book Dublin gardeners with us again and again usually say that they do so because they know they can count on us to the job their way. But, there's a lot more to our services besides their flexibility:

    • All the staff is highly trained and experienced professionals
    • Full insurance cover comes as standard with every bit of garden maintenance we do in Dublin
    • You can get us in come rain or shine! Bad weather doesn't stop us
    • Choose any day for an appointment you need - we work on weekends and Bank Holidays as well!
    • 24/7 support facilities mean you can get us in at short notice too
    • There are many other ways we can help you, like with garden design or gutter cleaning. Create your ideal package today and make savings!
  • What We'll Have the ability to Provide for You

    Budget-friendly Garden Maintenance Services around Dublin. After organizing your visit, you'll fulfill your group of 2 garden maintainers from Dublin at eviction or at your front door at the time you've defined. Do not stress if the gardeners require to go through your home to reach your back garden for instance - they are expertly uniformed, and can even put down coverings if you choose.

    All of their devices will be cleaned up, and many is light-weight enough to perform. You'll define what you desire the gardeners to do, and they will get going after you've validated you're delighted with your estimated rate. Our consumers utilize us for services such as garden care, lawn mowing, garden clearance, and a lot more besides!

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