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    The ideal mix of design charm, low maintenance and versatility.

    Lasting, versatile and robust, block paving is an excellent way to pave an outdoor space, patio or driveways in a stunning design that will sustain. We are expert block paving contractors Rosnaree that can execute any kind of block paving design, block paving installation, block paving maintenance or block paving repairs to a phenomenal requirement.

    Popular due to its capacity to endure the wear and tear that originates from any kind of vehicle or weather, fantastic value for money and the variety of various types and colours of block paving available. Block paving is a simple and inexpensive way to produce a remarkable driveway in a gorgeous design that will certainly last.

    Resilient, Durable and Verstaile.

    Easy to maintain, block paving can be brushed up so you won’& rsquo; t need to clean your drive every week. Actually, you will discover that after it rainfalls, your block paving will certainly remove quickly as well as leave your drive looking like brand-new. Therefore, it is no surprise that block paving is popular with customers, so it is an exceptional option if you intend to include value to your home long term.

    We are a prominent block paving company who have carried out extensive commercial and also domestic block paving installations, maintenance and repairs throughout Rosnaree.

    Our credibility as trusted block paving contractors Rosnaree as well as installers throughout Rosnaree for block paving design, installation, maintenance and repairs is unrivaled. Give us a call on 0851613673 or call us using the enquiry below.

    Trusted Paving Contractor in Rosnaree

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and one of our team will respond as soon as possible. You can file your request via an online form on our website, or you can send us an email at info@premiergardens.ie. Alternatively, you may wish to call us on 085-161-3673. We are more than happy to provide you with more information, and help you to create your perfect garden.

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    Indian Sandstone Paving in Rosnaree.

    The perfect choice when wanting to develop an appealing and also elegant finish.

    A preferred option for natural stone paving, Indian Sandstone is durable and also appropriate for usage in Irish yards as well as outside areas. Delivering an attractive finish it likewise has the crucial weather-resistant qualities that you require.

    Taking its name from the golden sands that its look raises, its golden colour is available in a variety of colors as well as tones consisting of white, brownish and red. Each special slab can be smoothed and polished to supply the specific stunning finish that you desire. Easy to maintain, tiles can be quickly removed for repairs or replacement, so there is no need to alter the entire room.

    Water retention is a disadvantage, with a high absorbent rate it can come to be really slippery when wet and also is not suggested for usage in locations prone to consistent water direct exposure.

    Experienced Indian Sandstone Paving Installation Company. Experts in Permeable Driveways.

    Premier Gardens Paving are experienced Indian Sandstone paving installation, repairs and maintenance. Functioning across Rosnaree, we have actually installed and also repaired Indian Sandstone paving for commercial and also domestic customers throughout Rosnaree.

    Natural Stone Paving Company in Rosnaree.

    Offering both sturdiness and a luxury look and feel, natural stone is the best selection for that unique outdoor area.

    Natural stone paving has an appealing aesthetic that endures, regardless of the variety of weather that we have in the Ireland. As seasoned natural stone paving contractors Rosnaree, we can ensure that your natural stone paving will certainly look sensational and also last long-lasting.

    In use because ancient times, natural stone is still a preferred selection for lots of consumers who want to spend a bit more. Delivering a refined appearance that can’& rsquo; t be defeated, it is a surface that needs to be taken care of with treatment. With an one-of-a-kind finish to allow it to be used inside and outside our houses, natural stone will stain and needs expert items for cleansing.

    The Perfect Choice for Creating that Special Outdoor Space.

    Porcelain is a preferred selection for natural stone coverings since it is the least porous natural stone, so it doesn’& rsquo; t absorb spills as swiftly as other natural stone and also is much more hardwearing.

    Whether you are looking for a suggested natural stone paving company for a brand-new natural stone installation, natural stone paving design and ideas, natural stone paving maintenance or natural stone paving repairs, we can provide the high-quality service that you need.

    We have developed a solid credibility throughout Rosnaree, as natural stone paving contractors Rosnaree as well as installers that you can trust. Give us a call on 0851613673 or call us by means of the enquiry form below.


    What kind of maintenance is required on a block paved driveway?

    We always advise yearly maintenace on your block paved driveway to both protect your investment along with to mainain the aesthetics that it offers. Applying a sealant during the installation alleviates the danger of staning also reduces the possibilities of weed as well as moss growth. Extra maintenance would certainly consist of things like a jet laundry to eliminate surface area particles as well as boost the aesthetic allure.

    Do I require planning permission for a block paving driveway?

    The use of block paving acheives a permeable driveway (those that let rain soak through normally). By legislation, an absorptive driveway including absorptive materials does not require added planning permission as they follow SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) policies.

    The length of time does a block paving driveway last?

    Once installed, as well as if installed by certified professionals, you can expect a block paved driveway to last for around 15+ years. So as to get one of the most out of block paved driveway it will require annual maintenance such as a power washing, resanding (if needed) and weed maintenance. The application of a sealer will certainly help with expanding the life your your new driveway.

    Does Indian sandstone call for sealing?

    Relying on the top quality and also the source of the sandstone, it might not be called for. If you select a top quality indian sandstone (actually sourced from India) then how recomendation would certainly be, no, a sealant is not required. Top quality Indian sandstone is generally very dense, non-porous and also durable and consequently a sealant is just added price that unneeded.

    How do I maintain Indian sandstone paving slabs?

    Thinking that you have actually chosen a top notch Indian sandstone, then an easy wash down to get rid of surface area particles is all that is usually required. If you have picked a less costly variant, then it might be a good suggestion to look at a sealant to protect the durability and also aesthetic appeals of the sandstone.

    What colour choices readily available for Indian sandstone?

    With every slab and cut being distinct in both structure and colour, there is a substantial variety of alternatives readily available. The wide colour collections vary from browns, greys, creams right through to bronzes and also silvers.

    Does natural stone need a sealant?

    No. Because of the extremely nature of natural stone, it is an incredibly thick, non-porous and long lasting product which does not call for the added security that a sealant may or may not offer.

    How am I ideal to maintain my natural stone paving slabs?

    While natural stone is extemely durable, it is not immune from collecting surface debris. A normal wash/hosing down with some cozy soapy water will assist to maintain the aesthetic charm that natural stone gives. This will certainly also avoid the demand for normal deep cleansing (although we would recommend that this is done every period just to bring it back to life).

    Rossnaree (Irish: Ros na Rí, meaning ‘wood of the kings’; Old Irish Ros na Ríg or Ros na Ríogh) is a small village and townland in County Meath, Ireland, on the south bank of the River Boyne. The Brú na Bóinne complex of neolithic monuments is nearby, on the north bank of the Boyne. Rossnaree commands a ford that was used by the Williamites at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. The walls of the mill at Rosnaree following contained a Sheela na Gig, although this has been removed for safekeeping and is in private possession.

    The legendary High King of Ireland Cormac mac Airt is reputedly buried at Rossnaree, having refused to be buried at a pagan site across the river after converting to Christianity. In the Ulster Cycle tale Cath Ruis na Ríg (“the Battle of Rosnaree”), it is the site of a battle between Conchobar mac Nessa, king of the Ulaid, and his son-in-law Cairpre Nia Fer, king of Tara, during which the Ulaid hero Cú Chulainn kills Cairpre in the tune of a spear thrown from a distance, and next decapitates him previously his body hits the ground.

    Rossnaree House, a mid-19th century manor house, takes its pronounce from the area in which it is sited. It is suggested by Elizabeth Hickey to be the original location of the House of Cletty (Tech Cleitech), where Cormac mac Airt died after choking upon a salmon bone and Muirchertach Macc Ercae reputedly died a threefold death.

    Ros na Righ was also the say of a little steam start which brought day-trippers along the Boyne Navigation in the in the future 1900s.

    The Rosnaree Hotel outside Drogheda was the location of an IPLO-INLA shooting incident in 1987. It is now the Moorehall Lodge nursing home.

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